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Ikogwe Friday Education and Skill Foundation (IFES) was founded in 2014 and since that time has helped hundreds of graduates realize their dream of a career in the automotive field.

IFES Foundation main purpose is:

“To provide our students with relevant, practical, job related training for their career in the automotive and transportation fields.”

We offer full and part-time programs, plus home-study programs through our e-learning division. Over the years, new industry-validated automotive programs have been added in response to the growing demand for well-qualified auto professionals.

IFES Foundation training Centre has serviced the automotive industry’s training needs since 2014. To keep up with the ever-evolving automotive industry’s training requirements, IFES Foundation constantly develops and updates its programs. Our courses and programs are up to date and industry recognized. And our first-rate training centre include classrooms, advanced automotive mechanics shops, and auto body repair facilities designed to give you the hands-on training to succeed as an automotive professional.

Here are many of the reasons why you should consider starting your automotive career at the IFES Foundation Training Centre.
IFES Foundation Methodology

At IFES Foundation, all instructors have extensive experience in their field. Theory is always supported by concrete examples and participation of all students is highly encouraged. Extensive workshop training will provide you with hands-on experience under the guidance of your instructor.
IFES Foundation Class sizes

To ensure quality education, the number of students per program is limited. We ensure students get the best support and instruction with smaller class size.
IFES Foundation Study hours

A number of options are available to participants, ranging from full-time day courses to part-time courses. Please check each program for details.
IFES Foundation Job Placement Assistance

IFES Foundation has built a strong reputation for providing quality training validated by the industry. Our students are in demand and we are proud of the placement rate for graduating students. Our Counselor will assist you in finding the right career position for you.

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